Terms of Engagement

When you work with Green Global, we offer our clients two engagement options:

Dedicated team model

  • We bring on board a team of skilled professionals at your beck and call - without the risk and effort of hiring and training them up.

  • Your team will be dedicated exclusively to your project.

  • We never sub-contract, so your team is verified, qualified and accountable.

  • If more technical members are required as the project develops, we have a large bank of in-house staff ready to supplement your project team.

  • Our staff will integrate seamlessly into your IT department and bring the necessary expertise. Change requests can be made whenever necessary.

  • You maintain a high level of control.

  • Frequent reviews mean we can be highly flexible to your changing needs as the project develops.

Time and Materials

  • The best choice when it’s difficult to accurately estimate the size of the project, or when your requirements might change, whether by choice or by chance (which is likely, when the world is changing so quickly).

  • Also useful for iterative projects or those with incremental developments.

  • You pay only for work performed.

  • Development can start quickly as there is no need to formulate end requirements.

  • You keep the flexibility to change project resources as your requirements evolve.

Mr Hai Le

Green Global’s Chairman

Recently said:

Our business model offers the client a unique opportunity to engage a service provider with both the resources and experience to develop world class products at very reasonable costs.

We never could have become the largest software developer in Central Vietnam in just 8 years if we did not consistently deliver quality products to our worldwide client base.

I am very proud of the exceptional skills and dedication that our team of over 100 full-stack developers bring to every project. Their commitment to excellence ensures that Green Global will provide a quality product each and every time.

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