Startup Consulting

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We have worked with more than 100 startup enterprises over the last 10 years

Green Global has been providing consultation services to startups for over 10 years. We know that getting a foot in the door of global business can be the tough one, but we also know what it takes to succeed.

One of the most difficult things can be to choose the right IT company to work with. Let’s take a step back and spend a minute to examine what you should look for when deciding a partner to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Empower startup Enterprises at every Project's Phase

Solution consulting services for startup Enterprises throughout the product's lifecycle.

"Seed" Phase

Do you have an idea? As an IT Solution Consulting Company, we will help you identify and make plans for products with the MVP model.

Expansion Phase

Provide a full range of services to expand your product into the market. It does not only develop at present time but also in the future.

Growth Phase

Maintain growth by customer's satisfaction. Transformation and innovation by measuring data collected by-product(s) in the previous phase and draw conclusions from it.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Our goal is to provide the best solution to solve your problems and identify the appropriate market(s) as soon as possible by investing your time and budget wisely.

Startup consulting

We advise you on technologies and business solutions that help you reduce risk and maximize your chances of success.

Technology integration / Restructuring

Startups can redesign and optimize product(s) by evaluating existing application(s) and future business goals.

Control the whole development process

We provide everything you need: build/ develop, optimize, improve and expand

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