Software Development

Do you have an idea? We know how to transform your unique idea into a computer application

We specialize in providing solutions in software development.

Whether your enterprise is big or small, your IT system needs to work perfectly. At Green Global, we develop software for enterprises around the world.

Because every business has its own unique characteristics, we do not follow an existing model but we will work with you to develop the optimal way, based on your ideas.

Green Global's expertise in software development

We provide services and solutions that help you to develop the best product

Requirements Analysis

Our team of Business Analysts (BAs) will carefully and thoroughly analyze your requirements and breaks the requirements down into detailed functions.

Consulting and Designing System architecture

Firstly, we plan and design. Based on our experience, we give advice for the optimum technology, point out challenges, as well as propose solutions to reduce costs and improve software's performance.


To achieve an impressive product, the UI/UX design process is at the heart of the matter. Our professional UI/UX experts will provide the most interesting experience for your users.

Improve performance and expansion

Technologies are always in a state of changing and developing. That's why we build flexible software architectures for now and for a future's expansion.

Quality Assurance

We ensure high-quality standards through testing procedures. All we want is your product will be the best one.

Long-term maintenance

Support 24/7 - we solve any problems within the shortest amount of time. We offer maintenance services from 1.5 to 10 years, with the option to extend when the expiry date is near.

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Let your decision be the best one for now and in the future


We mobilize your business by taking advantage of the latest technological innovations and breakthroughs.


  • - Windows
  • - Mac OS
  • - Linux


  • - .NET
  • - Winform
  • - Windows Presentation Foundation
  • - Universal Windows Platform
  • - Electron
  • - Swift
  • - Objective - C


  • - Winform
  • - Windows Presentation Foundation
  • - Universal Windows Platform
  • - Electron
  • - Qt
  • - GKT+
  • - Java swing
  • - Cocoa (AppKit, CoreData, Foundation)

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