Feedback System

Green Global always try our best to provide high-quality full services for Government. Being trusted by partner, Feedback System is impressively completed.


By using this system, every organizations or citizen are able to give comments, suggestions and express issues related to environments, transport, social security,…Then, users can follow procedures, know the final results and know how the issues are dealt.



Outstanding advantages:


Modern Interface, Various-Type Devices Compatibility

Intelligent and Flexible Working Process

Supporting users interaction

Easy Operation

Quick and Intuitive Reporting System

Admin account can be used to carry out every act

Users accounts can be used to post posts, comments,….









Green Global always one of the leading companies that understand technologies used for complicated system, especially E-gov big project of provinces and cites:


• Java

• Visual C#

• Microsoft SQL

• Oracle

• .Net


  1. We know the most important things are Partner’s demands and requirements. Thus, that is why we can always receive positive feedback during and after launching the Project.

Feedback System is an official channel for citizens and tourists to contribute individual ideas, and point out issues in Da Nang city so that the feedback can be promptly handled.