The eOffice program is an “Electronic office application of administration management, handling of work and information exchange. In 2017, Green Global successfully implemented CPC-eOffice for Central Power Corporation, and was acknowledged as an innovation by EVN.



Basic features of eOffice system consist of:





Outstanding advantages:


  • The interface has a modern and intuitive design; easy to use and follow documents. It is also optimized for most of popular devices: Desktop, Mobile (iOS, Android), Web.

  • The direction, task assignment, report functions are converted into mobile apps to make work administration faster and more flexible.
    Be able to administer 30,000 electronic materials and documents.

The database of 24 member Electricity Units is handled mainly in Data Center

The system is divided into separate layers to make the system flexible in management and expansion.

Decentralization function depends on roles in each unit. An account can be used for multiple positions so that users can save time to switch accounts in using process.

The upgraded digital signing system can be flexibly implemented according to different procedures with the CA SIM Digital Signing function on smart mobile devices, automatic documents identification.

Available on Web, Desktop, iOS, Android platforms

E-Office Chat: Can be able to implement up to 20,000 connections, messages sending to 8,000 people at the same time. Can preview different file types: pdf, doc, pptx, excel, image, etc.

Providing statistics, tracking, digital signing, users and visitors…functions.




CPC eOffice Project


Quảng Nam eOffice Project



E – Office not only saves time, save money, controls documents handling time, but also improves documents handling process among departments; creating a flexible and comfortable working environment. The Green Global’ solution – eOffice has contributed to build a modern and effective working style.