Why a mobile app?

We could provide you with a slew of statistics telling you all about why your business or startup needs a mobile app, but since you’ve clicked on this page, you’ve probably arrived at that conclusion already.

And you will certainly be aware that the range of devices on the market is forever expanding and changing, but that one thing is for certain - apps are a major player in the way that customers interact with the online world.

Here are a few numbers that might make you think

While we don’t want to overwhelm you with numbers, here are just a few from a 2016 ComScore report that might make you see apps in a different light:

  • Mobile apps usage increased by 90% between 2013 and 2015, and the pace is unlikely to slow.

  • Mobile apps now represent almost two-thirds of time spent on digital media. That means if people spend 3 minutes on a digital device, 2 of those minutes is spent on a mobile app.

  • Smartphone app usage is increasing among every age group. So if you think your market doesn’t need an app, think again.

Now that we’ve convinced you that you need one, let’s cut to the chase and answer some of the questions you have about developing your app and the company you select to build it.

A brilliant app needs to:

  • Be fully functional

  • Cultivate customer loyalty

  • Provide an exceptional, innovative visual experience

  • Be responsive and effortlessly adjust to any screen

  • Be easy and intuitive to use

  • Be scalable as your customer base grows

  • Stand out in the app world

  • Create the right vibe

  • Accurately communicate your message

  • Inspire users to spread the word

Why Green Global is the right fit to develop your app

  • We understand just how important apps have become to customers when cultivating a strong relationship with your brand.

  • We appreciate how the mobile world is changing and know how to stay ahead of the curve.

  • We are a company that develops for Android and iOS, the operating systems used by 99.6% of new smartphones, to bring you the highest return on investment.

  • We place great value on customer experience and loyalty. We know that many apps are only used once or twice, so each visit must inspire the customer to come back again and again.

  • Our developers get that mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. They integrate the latest technological developments to make sure the apps we create are always fully responsive.

  • You, as the client, will always be fully engaged in the development of your app, with regular updates and input into all aspects of the process.

Green Global: a truly international company

If you’re concerned about a Vietnamese company not understanding your business environment or culture, just take a few minutes to check out some of the remarkable apps we have built for customers in the United States, Australia and elsewhere. Some of our apps have generated venture capital for the client to the tune of several million dollars. Others have resulted in acquisitions by major international companies.

Green Global’s exceptional talent in developing world-class apps is recognized across the globe. Why don’t you take advantage of our gifted and professional team by allowing us to develop your award-winning mobile app?

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